A San Saturday

The San of the Tsumkwe area traditionally believe in a distant and good creator god known as !Khu, and a near but not so ‘good’ god, Gaua. Gaua is often revered and called upon via dances, ceremonies, and Shaman consultations for village problems such as sickness, hunger, and drought. !Khu is viewed as too distant to care about the problems of everyday life.

In the past missionaries have equated the God of the bible to !Khu and Satan to Gaua. This has contributed to confusion about God’s character and His concern for them and their daily struggles.

We want the San to come to know a personal god who wants to be apart of their everyday life. God who loves and cares for them. The San are considered the least of the least in Namibia, but in God’s eyes the San are of great value and worth the cost of discipleship.

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