Hi this is Claudia. So today I felt like Moses at church speaking.  Nothing came out the way I had planned.  I was totally emotional.  Still amazed that God has called me to follow him.  Follow Him each day and now on a path with Him to a far off land of Namibia. 

I am reading two things right now devotionals from My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers and Follow Me by David Platt. A few days ago Chambers wrote, “Abandonment means to refuse yourself the luxury of asking any questions.” It has stayed with me. Then reading Platt wrote about Peter, Andrew, James, and John, “Yet they believed it was worth the cost. In Jesus, these men found someone worth losing everything for. In Christ, they encountered a love that surpassed comprehension, a satisfaction that superseded circumstances, and a purpose that transcended every other possible pursuit in this world. They eagerly, willingly, and gladly lost their lives in order to know, follow, and proclaim him. In the footsteps of Jesus, these first disciples discovered a path worth giving their lives to tread.”

It is okay that I was emotional in church today.  I have found a path worth abandoning everything else for.  To share a love that surpasses comprehension and that is hard to put into words right now. I am praying for my new family in Namibia, my future brothers and sisters in Christ. Though we have many months before Jeremy and I will get to meet them, God has much to teach me. May He give me the words to share His love clearly, even with the emotions.