Good intentions are not enough

From time to time as something hits me between the forehead I might jot my thoughts down and post them here  on the blog.   As we prepare for Africa we will be doing a lot of reading and studying and looking for ways to constantly expand our horizons.  I hope the thoughts we share on the blog will encourage you to expand your horizons.


Yesterday morning I stumbled across an interesting article that stretched my mind and thought process a little.  As a new missionary about to embark in the field for more than two weeks at time I was reminded that we have to be careful not to unintentionally harm those we are trying to serve.  We constantly need to be aware that it is not about us but about them, that we are there to serve them.   That is what I love about AIM is that we are so focused on building relationships and the long term goal of “Christ Centered Churches”.  The article led me to listen to her 15 min talk and at the end of the talk she said something that all of us missionaries and even followers of Christ need to be reminded of each day as we minister. We need to move “from serving, to learning how to serve”.


Here is a link to the article which summarizes her talk.


Here is a link to the actual talk she gave. It is about 15 minutes long.