Anger to Peace to Perspective

I Jeremy just returned from our first outing to some remote villages. The guys taught some new lessons on the Trinity, Satan and Death. We also we’re hoping to update the solar players with all 28 bible stories and some new scripture we have translated.
And to top it off at the villages we spent the night at we would show the newly translated passion of Christ film and Sermon of the mount teaching film. These films have taken over a year to translate and dub over and complete. I was excited to finally get these resources out to the people and also have them hear the story and teachings of Jesus in their amazing click language, Ju/hoansi.

Teaching at the village.

But shortly after we left I became angry. Why? The first two villages nobody had a solar player to update. They blamed the kids and water. A common excuse I heard many times before. We had been to these villages less than a year ago and given out the players with what we had translated. I was fuming, I said out loud to one my disciples. I’m done giving you people things, all you do is destroy it within a few months. I wanted to just quit and turn around and go pack my bags and get ready to come back.

But we carried on to our resting destination and the guys taught the three new lessons as you see above and my soul was calming down already. I was still frustrated more at myself and questioning God as to why I would waste 7 years and alot of money and what to show for it.

Shortly after teaching we went to get firewood in the bush before sunset. I found myself alone for a bit, watching the sun set in total quietness. Not a single sound around. As I was I was alone with God in His creation with no fences I felt vulnerable but safe. This is when God reminded me that He was God. He was the one who created all this. The animals and the bush. He created these people, He died on the cross for them. Is He not big enough then to care for these people? Why am I so upset that people failed me? When He called us here it was to bring the good news and teachings of Jesus in a clear, understandable and reproducible way. He then reminded me to chill and get a perspective. Yes, this is actually happening now, is it messy yes. He said to me chill, relax and continue taking these words and stories of mine to those that will listen and leave all the consequences to me.

Sermon on the Mount film

Later in the night as the passion film was playing and they saw and listened to the story in their native tongue, my perspective did start to change. As I stared up at the most stars you will ever see on this planet and a crisp milky way, it was very well with my soul. We made plans this week to get out to as many villages as possible. To trust God with the “results”.

So I will cherish these last few nights, sleeping under the clear milky way, around the fire, in the bush watching these films and listening to the guys teach about Jesus. And all of it in Ju/hoansi. Matthew 28:19-20.

P.S. Pray for me to keep this perspective and peace as we 20 more villages to visit in the coming week.

3 thoughts on “Anger to Peace to Perspective

  1. Love how God gentlt walks right beside us even in our anger, frustration and sadness. Leading us right to where He wants us all while cleaning out our hearts. Praying for you, Claudia, Anastasia and all those you have touched in Namibia


  2. Jeremy I read your letter at least three time trying to explore,your feelings, your frustrations and your emotions.. I am so glad that the Lord allowed you to share your deepest feelings .. and I know the bush people’s ways don’t always line up with our ways but God’s way for all of us is the same..I will be praying God will give you more grace to help the people you is good that you could reach out for some prayer warriors to help you carry your load..we love you..

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  3. JEREMY, This is the most recent thoughts I still have on my computer. I hope this reaches you in the states. A personal request: friends at Dixie Lee Baptist Church are concerned about your parents. Could you give me a personal url and I would act as a go-between with those that have no technical piece? Thank you.


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