How to eat an elephant

You have heard it said to eat an elephant, eat it one bite at a time.

This is true because elephant meat is chewy and needs to be cooked for a long time. And can only be eaten bite by bite.


After living in Namibia for a few years now and eaten parts of half dozen elephants, an elephant is never meant to eaten by one person bite by bite.

What do I mean? Elephants are huge animals. When they die the meat needs to be eaten quickly because it spoils quickly in the heat. Once the meat is rotten, humans can’t eat it and it is left for the animals.

An elephant is meant to been eaten in community. Everyone in a village gets a plate full of bites. Even then it is too much meat. Here in the Nye Nye Conservancy, an elephant actually feeds several villages. And what can’t be eaten is dried for later.

In community is how you eat an elephant.

We just want to thank the community of supporters around us. Our monthly support target is BIG like an elephant. It is too much for one church or an individual. We are so thankful for the 5 churches, several Sunday School classes and ladies groups, and over 80 individuals. You all in community have given your small gifts faithfully monthly, quarterly, yearly, and as one time gifts. In community, you all have given so we could be in Africa full-time. THANK YOU!!!!!
You all together have given/eaten an elephant size support need to support us. THANK YOU!!!

We are excited to see as many of you as possible in the coming weeks and thank you face to face. We love you all.

P.S. We just received 3 negative Covid test so we are cleared to fly!!!

One thought on “How to eat an elephant

  1. Hello on today in church we the member was embrace with the testimony of Jeremy and Claudia about there mission and experience in NAMIBIA. Wow what w awesome testimony. I could listen to them for hours. Just learning of there stay and missionary. Work. . What a great work of God. And how through Jesus Christ the gospel is being spreaded

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