Go and Make

After a year of study, teaching others to teach and creating from scratch, working many hours on translation. Today we took the oral picture discipleship curriculum to the first village. We taught 4 out of 10 lessons. The first 3 lessons establish that you are active or desiring to follow Jesus. The next six we cover the basics. Study, prayer, evangelism, love one another. The curriculum is designed for the oral and non oral, for the literate and non literate. My heart is so happy. 

This picture is of a man who life is changed. He is a new disciple “believer”  sharing his testimony in front of everyone. He was baptized at Christmas.

The is one of the first disciples my original disciple lead to Christ. He is sharing and teaching the “good news” with everyone.  See the presentation in the sand here.

We left 2 teachers with the printed curriculum which is in English, Ju/’hoansi and pictures. We also gave them the audio we have translated into Ju/’hoansi so far and a solar mp3 player.  This is all Ju/’hoansi, speaking and teaching in their native language. Honestly it’s messy to watch them teach, but they are trying. I could teach it all, but then it wouldn’t be reproducible which is the goal. I want to work myself out of a job. So messy it is but so beautiful at the same time. Jesus last words to us were to “go, make”. Messy and all we are trying to be obedient to that. Tuesday we go to another village and begin teaching them. For more or to give to this project http://www.theha3els.com

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