8 Baptisms

This morning, Christmas weekend 8 Disciples were baptized. I recorded for them to have later.  Below I spend up the video so you could rejoice as we close out 2020.  Alot of folks can’t wait for this year to end but let me remind you God never changes.  God is still on His throne despite our current circumstances.  I imagine this is what Jesus was speaking about and Matthew recorded at the end of his gospel.  Here you will see a father baptize his son, a brother baptize his younger brother and a neighbor baptize his neighbors. Matthew 28:19.

5 thoughts on “8 Baptisms

  1. We serve such an amazing God. Jesus laid His life down for ALL! Thank You Jesus!

    Thank you, Jeremy & Claudia (and even little Anastasia) for faithfully following the Lamb!

    We love y’all…Joey


  2. Dear Jeremy and Claudia I was so excited to see and read your article in ‘heartbeat AFRICA.. I have always looked for your story and ministry to be printed in Africa Inland Mission magazine some day..I am so happy that it has happened and I will sharer with our church as soon as possible.. Love Gladys

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