Termites, Theft, Uno

3 stories one blogpost. Today after working with my story crafters we introduced them to the wonderful game of UNO. It was so much fun to play and speak in Ju’/honasi. Right before that while we were working on the story, one of the crafters got up went over to a pole that had termite dirt (which contain termites) and took a handful. She then sat back down and ate it like a snack and drank the tea we had fixed. We all saw her and said what are you hungry, if so we can feed you. She said nope just wanted a vitamin rich snack. We all laughed for a minute. Such is bush life I guess.

The last story is a life lesson. Never steal from the people who are known as the world’s best trackers. We stored our maize meal during the recent food relief effort at a local church. One night 2 men decided to break in and steal a few bags. The next morning as we gathered at the church to load up and assess how much was gone, a guy in a wheelbarrow came up with 6 bags. Turns out some Bushman staying nearby heard the window break and then tracked the footprints through the bush where the thieves hide the stolen stash. They waited till they came back to get it and confronted them. The thief’s were caught and the stash retrieved. So if your ever in Tsumkwe. Play some UNO, eat termites for a snack with tea and never, never attempt to steal anything.

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