Story of the week: Babu

We get asked a lot of the questions center around the theme of what is life like over there. So this year we want to share a brief story every week that will hopefully help you pray and laugh with us.


Babu with his baby pet chicken.

This story is from our time Kenya. Babu which means grandfather in Swahili lived next door to us. I would spend a few hours each day at his place. He had no legs but was a strong and mobile old guy. He had a garden and plenty of banana trees. His house was a place to practice my Swahili and learn about the Digo way of life. Babu shared many boyhood stories when he had both legs. He was a boxer and chef when he was younger. Babu died 3 months into our time in Kenya. His passing was hard to take but a reminder as to why we go. We go to bring the gospel to those who haven’t clearly heard yet. We had just started conversation around spiritual things. Life is short.

Monday, we start another chapter in our story as we go to Tsumkwe, Namibia where there are many like Babu. It will take time to learn language and build relationships but do pray for us as we go.

3 thoughts on “Story of the week: Babu

  1. Jeremy & Claudia,

    We are so thankful that the Lord has seen fit to open the door to Tsumkwe again for y’all to continue the work you started with those precious people. It’s like childbirth in that the struggle and pain has brought forth joy and new life in y’all and, I am confident, in the Bushman!

    We love y’all and are so excited about what God has planned and the fruit that will result from your efforts and heart being poured out in Tsumkwe.

    The Lord has richly blessed you both with a genuine heart of love for those dear folks and I’m certain you will win their hearts, trust and be instrumental in their trusting Jesus as Lord and Savior!

    May you continue to see Jesus and hear His voice as you work in His field.

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