New Location

Our blog has moved to a new location or home. AIM has faithfully provided a free place for it’s missionary blogs to reside over the past decade. However as technology and the internet has progressed it has become more of a challenge to keep it updated and secure. The decision to move was a no brainier. In an effort to provide the safest and most up to date blog we have moved to a new location where alot of bloggers and website reside. WordPress is our new blog home. Our new address is So you will see a new design but the same content brought to you in different ways for all the devices you own. You can also subscribe to our blog and have our post automatically emailed just like before. If you have already signed up no need to do it again.

So to summarize– Our blog has a new location. Same content, different address and a new look. Our old address ( will automatically forward to our new address for about 2 years but you will eventually need to bookmark our new address.

FYI- We just emailed out a new newsletter yesterday if it missed your inbox then click here for the latest version.

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