Clicking in the USA

The past four days took me to Richmond, VA to a conference on Oral Bible Translation.  The SAN are an Oral culture.  Most can’t read or write and they pass on culture and history orally.  So as we look for tools to engage them with the gospel, I went to this conference.  It was a blessing to be there as a group from Namibia, Botswana and South Africa were also there.  I had just arrived in time for evening meal and sitting in the cafeteria I noticed a similar looking face.  I said to myself that is a Bushman in the U.S.  So I went over an introduced myself.  We clicked a little, greeted each other and found out we share the same Bushman name, so automatically that means we are brothers. Daqm is living just across the border in Botswana working on an Oral Bible Translation project but grew up in Tsumkwe.  The conference was great and I walked away with a greater understanding of how to move forward in an effective way.  The goal is to engage the Bushman with the gospel and to do that orally we will have to think outside our western culture box.  I look forward to exploring all the orality methods that we were exposed to and most importantly I look forward to the coming days where the Bushman are encountering scripture in their own language and sharing it with each other.


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