So it’s Friday and I was thinking of a fun fact. This morning in my language lesson I tried to do a simple exercise with my helper. In English its simple not in jo/’hoansi I found out. I found out this language has 5 classes of nouns. So for you English challenged folks like me that means depending on what object (noun) you use a following article. So if I put the book on top of the cup, that is said different than putting the cup on top of the book. Whatever object (book, cup) I start with that dictates what I say next. So if I say book first then I use I o hia o after book. But if its cup first then it’s oka o. Yea so your fun fact. THIS language is HARD. I haven’t even talked about pronunciation of the clicks. But by God’s grace we ‘re moving slowly forward. After my language lesson I sat with some local bushman at the one pump gas stop and spoke in jo/’honasi and laughed and watched the tourist group fill up and take pictures on their way to Botswana. The tourist didnt want a picture of this white bushman for some reason. (My friend joked with me about that).

Jeremy and Claudia Hazel
Missionaries to the SAN Bushman

2 thoughts on “Nouns

  1. This is so helpful since I am always putting cups on books and books on cups… Well to be honest, when I can’t find a coaster I sometimes DO put a cup on a book! Prayers w/you! 🙂


  2. LOL! That does sound hard! Praying you are able to conquer this challenge! (Remember we are more than conquerors through HIM!) Love and miss you both!


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