Visa Approved

visa approved
After 7 long months of waiting and just 5 days from our deadline, we are happy to report that visas for everyone on our team have been APPROVED!!!!  On November 26th, Thanksgiving Day, we will meet our fellow teammates flying in from the U.S. at the airport here in Johannesburg. Together we will travel to Namibia to meet our 3 teammates and team leaders already on the ground. We thank you for all the prayers and encouragement during this time of waiting and resting in the Lord. It has truly sustained us during this time. I image at a later date, we will reflect on this time of waiting. For now, let’s REJOICE and give God all the PRAISE for this MIRACLE!!!! We are going to Namibia to live with the SAN Bushman. A journey we started back in October 2012, we now take the next step. We do want to let you know that you can send letters or post cards to our new address:
P. O. Box 29257

P.S. We will send out another post soon with more final details before we enter Namibia.

2 thoughts on “Visa Approved

  1. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have a new address!! YAY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I imagine that this will be THE BEST Thanksgiving Day you have ever had! What a wonderful thing to be thankful for and what a wonderful God we serve! Love you guys!!


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