Rwanda Visit

Visa update

Well, we have no visas for Namibia. Only 3 out of 8 team members have visas. Africa Inland Mission has given those on our team without visas a 6 week extension for them to come through.  Claudia and I are back in South Africa. We got another 90 day tourist visa, so we are good. We will continue to serve in South Africa until November 26 in which we will either enter Namibia with our other teammates or have to return to States for reassignment. We are pretty confident the visas are coming. It just might take a few more weeks thus the extension. Resting in His timing


We had a great time in Rwanda visiting old friends and meeting new friends.  The following video is just a little glimpse of our time there.  The kids took most of these pictures as we love to give them the camera and let them shoot away.  Hope you enjoy.  If the video doesn’t show you can watch it here.



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