Shine Bright


This past week Claudia and I attended the Farming God’s Way in field mentoring conference in Keiskammahoek South Africa.   Farming God’s Way seeks to teach people to stop leaning on man ways (plowing, fertilizers,) and to turn to God’s design of how things grow naturally. (mulch, compost etc).  Farmers who have implemented God’s way have seen crop yields survive drought, increase yields, and restore the soil which allows them to release the grip of poverty. Not only are they  able to feed themselves but through the process of turning to God there hearts are renewed.  We had a great week of being trained in the field by other trainers while at the same time training the locals.  About 40 people from all over Africa and even England were present.  We even got to see a few Americans who are serving in Kenya and Uganda which was good. We plan on installing a small garden in Tsumkwe using the Farming God’s Way principles.  The most amazing thing for me was that it was the Body of Christ serving people.  I had heard people say when your on the mission field all denominations and agency work together for the most part.  We weren’t missionaries with AIM last week we were missionaries going to serve the SAN among other missionaries who are serving the poor all over Africa with difference agencies.   We worshiped, laughed, ate and served together and it was great.   If you want to checkout pictures Claudia and I have posted pictures on our facebook pages so we won’t upload them on this post.

We have one more week here in Johannesburg then we head to Rwanda next week as our 90 day Visa for South Africa will run out.  From Rwanda we will then fly to Namibia to meet our Team on October 15th.  Still no word on our Visa’s but we know God is control and are just waiting for the word that they have been granted.


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