So today I, Jeremy, turned 40.  They say it’s the middle. A lot of us are conditioned to think about our lives, what we have done and where we are going.  Tonight we shared at FBC Elizabethton, TN and had a great time connecting with old friends and meeting new ones.  As I spent my birthday telling others about our new direction in life and the journey so far, I couldn’t help but reflect and make sure we are going down the right path.  The answer was plain as day, yes.  Yes, I’m doing exactly what I’m called and designed to do. That is to love on the San and share my knowledge and love for Christ with them.  Today wasn’t filled with birthday parties or really any big surprises or events or a lot of gifts.  I really don’t know if any of those would bring happiness at this point in my life.  The assurance that your right in the middle of God’s will is the most reassuring thing in the world.  As our financial clearance approaches in 2 weeks, we are trusting for God to provide the people to come alongside and pledge a monthly gift of $10 to $150 a month.  You can also pledge a yearly donation amount.  We are still about $1000 short of our monthly support target.  If we don’t meet our clearance goal, then we won’t be allowed to go to Africa until we do.  So on this day when I turn 40, I’m confident God has us on the right path, but I’m anxious to see how God provides in the next few weeks.  Maybe your one of those people who God is calling to come alongside of us and pledge monthly support.  If so, click here to make your pledge.  Here’s to the next 40+ years.

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