Hope has a Home!


Great News to share.   Our dog, Hope, will have a new home soon.  Last weekend we took her to stay with a prospective family and God worked miracles through her.  The family has 5 children and the 4 year old is terrified of dogs.  When we arrived the she was crying and had to be held.  We received a text message the next morning with a picture of her petting Hope from the couch.  When we went to pick up Hope on Sunday, I looked down and she was standing next to Hope hugging and petting her.  Thank you to all that prayed for us, the family and Hope this past weekend.  Your prayers do make a difference.   All 5 kids along with Mom and Dad voted to take Hope as their dog.  Saying goodbye will be hard but to know that Hope will provide therapy and has found a loving home will ease the departure.  To be honest, she was a little sad when we got in the car to bring her home.  Just another answered prayer on the Road to Africa.


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