Fun Fact Friday: How to speak Click

Below is an excerpt taken from the book “Heart of Dryness”  in which the author explains how to pronounce the name of a bushman he met in a village.   Give it a try and don’t forget to laugh at yourself. I did!!!  Looks like a lot of laughter is in store for us over the next 2 1/2 years.

“Her first name could be spelled out Qoroxloo. To say it out loud, lightly inhale the first consonant click, drawing the tongue down and back from the roof of your mouth. Swallow the r. Exhale and pucker the second xl click, moving the tongue in from the side of your jaw, laterally, like the sound to move a horse. And now: Duxee. The surname’s x requires a dental click, pulling the tongue tip back from top front teeth. It’s a tongue twister, and I invariably mangled it.2 Regardless, one should try to pronounce her name out loud, like a soft prayer, to affirm her ancestry and prevent her existence from growing as homogenized and anonymous and assimilated as her life refused to become. Though she had never mocked my attempts to speak in clicks. Her face had only wrinkled up even further as her eyes suggested mirth”.

Workman, James G. (2009-08-11). Heart of Dryness (pp. 15-16). Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Kindle Edition.

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