Expectations instead of Resolutions for 2015

Jeremy and I are really excited 2015 is here. We were originally schedule to leave in January 2015 but have been delayed until June 2015 because of housing material delays. We know God has His plan and we are excited to join Him where He is already working.

I have been thinking about my resolutions for 2015 for the past few weeks. The more I thought, they were really expectations.

I expect GOD to show up BIGGER than ever before in my LIFE this year.

First, Africa Inland Mission is a faith based organization which means each missionary trusts God to provide for ALL the needs on the field. This includes monthly support through the financial gifts of so many people. Jeremy and I have been and will continue to go and share what God has called us to do. We can only share. It is God who will convince enough people to support us each month so we can actually go. It is the Holy Spirit who has to do this. We are currently at 38% of a needed $4307 monthly support. This is a God size amount. We believe and trust God. I expect God to provide.

           Expect God to show up BIG!hebrew

Second, once on the field I expect each day to come with struggles, difficulties, tiredness, pain, homesickness, frustrations, along with joy, smiles, and lots of sunshine. This can be true of any day. Yet, I know they will seem larger on the field when I am far from anything common to me. It is God who will give me strength and perseverance for each day. A measure for each day because each day will have its challenges. I expect to be stretched in ways I have never been before. I expect to be broken. I expect to grow. I expect tears. I expect endless smiles.

          Expect God to show up BIG!!

Third, I expect God to bring His salvation. Jeremy and I can only share God’s Love through our lives and His Word. We can only share. It is God who saves. As a farmer prepares the field and plants the seed, he waits for the rain to come. It is only when the rain comes does the seed germinate and sprout. The farmer must care for the crop so that a crop will be produced. There are so many things that it must be protected from weather, disease, and pests. Satan wants crop failure. Thankfully, God is a faithful farmer and His Word doesn’t return void. As a gardener, I understand the hard work to take a seed and produce more seeds. I know not all seeds will sprout but you care for each one not knowing which will and which won’t. Patience. I expect a crop. I expect some of the San to receive Christ Jesus as the Lord and Savior.

          Expect God to show up BIG!!!

I pray you go into this new year with some expectations too.   ~Claudia

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