Going the Distance


Tomorrow morning as the sun rises over Savannah, Ga I (Jeremy) will embark upon a 26.2 mile jog affectionately know as a marathon.  Some have asked why do a marathon and I have asked myself that same question during training.  They say that the hardest part is the training and that the race is actually your reward.  As a person who has done multiple triathlons and a half marathon I have experienced that feeling and seen how your training gets you through.  So I guess your wondering where the parallel to missions might exist?  Claudia and I have been in “training mode” and getting ready to move to Africa for over  2 years now which is longer than normal and to be honest we are just ready to go “run the race”.  However as with any endurance event a training plan is vital and our plan is not complete yet.  We still have things to do here and understand that God’s timing is perfect.  The past 18+ weeks of marathon training have been a long process the longest and most intense I have have experienced.   The past 2 years of getting ready for Africa have been the hardest thing I have done to date.   Letting go of possessions, a way of life, trusting God to provide, putting my faith into action, relying on others to take care of your needs are just a few things I have had to experience. I know when we get on that plane June 11th to Africa that the finish line hasn’t been reached but really the “race we have been called to run” has just begun and all this training and effort will allow us to run that 2 1 /2 year race before us.   Hebrews 12:1 says to “run the race with perseverance” and that is our goal to fix our eyes on Jesus and serve Him in Africa.  As I look forward to crossing the finish line Saturday I look forward to the “race” ahead of us in Africa and beyond! If you would like to follow my progress you may do so here.

One thought on “Going the Distance

  1. Best wishes for your marathon today! We’re looking forward to seeing y’all this weekend. Give me a call & let me know what your ETA for our house is, and a general idea of the “game plan”/agenda for this weekend. We have a house key for y’all so you can come and go as you please. See you soon.


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