TIMO Tuesday #7 and #8

TIMO embodies the missionary spirit of flexibility which adapts to meet the needs of a given situation. Yet, there are twelve core values found among any TIMO team.

7. Simpler Lifestyle. Seeking to have a minimal amount of possessions frees us from the bondage of material things. A simpler lifestyle also removes some of the barriers between us and nationals. Cost effectiveness is a third reason why TIMO embraces simpler living.

8. Teamship – They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love. As Jesus told his disciples, functioning as a loving, committed team is eloquent testimony of who we are following. Teamship is critical. TIMO seeks to train its members in becoming a smooth, functioning team, but it expects that love and commitment for each other will be the undergirding strength of the team – not technique.


God truly has given me a desire for a simpler lifestyle. Ever since I came home from Rwanda four years ago after John Claude show me the small box of his earthly treasures, those things I have treasured over the years; God has been giving me the strength to let them go. Yes, there have been tears for some of them like the sailboat my papa bought for me. Sweet memories of my grandparents and time spent at the lake house. Other things it has been refreshing and freeing to let go. Yes, we can only pack 100 pounds each plus our carry-on. Everything else needs to be stored or find a new home.

We are both looking forward to working as a team. Years ago, missionaries were sent out alone. AIM has found the value in teamship. Together we will express God’s love to the San.

20140516_160044 20140516_160624

Just a couple pictures of our team leaders’ new home in Tsumkwe. Their simple kitchen and the exterior of home.


Review of previous values:

1. Reaching the Lost with the Saving News of Jesus Christ.
2. Commitment to the Local Language and Culture.
3. Relationships, Relationships, Relationships.
4. Lifestyle and Proclamation Evangelism.
5. Living Among Those to Whom We Seek to Minister.
6. We Bring Learner Attitudes.


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