Collards and Clothes line

Jeremy is enjoying his first week of summer camp at Pathfinder Youth Camp in Kingsport, TN. His heart and passion are youth and he has been so excited. He can’t stop talking.

I am home learning more each day about using what you have been blessed with. God so richly blesses us each day in so many ways. Many times we don’t see those blessings.

I grew up in Georgia and stayed with my grandma and papa for most of the summer. I treasure the time with my grandparents in my heart now that they are all passed away.  There were morning chores, picking vegetables and fruits in the garden, lunch at a local southern restaurant, afternoon quiet time, and swim time before dinner. The local restaurant usually had collard greens and cornbread. I loved the cornbread but not the collards. Collards were one of the crops that came to America from Africa. This summer my garden is a learning experience with new crops for us and our good old favorite crops. In February, I started plants from seeds. Now those plants have grown and I can start to harvest. One of those is collard greens. I didn’t like the greens with vinegar, but I need to learn to cook with them. So last night I tried Chessy Greens Casserole. (recipe at I used fresh greens from the garden and it was good. Thank you God for the fresh greens!DSCF3202

With Jeremy at camp, we have a smaller budget to work with this summer, so I am trying to find ways to save. One way is through a clothes line. Jeremy and I won’t have a washer and dryer to clean our clothes in Namibia. I can start now getting used to drying our clothes outside on a good old clothes line. I am thankful for the warm, sunny days this week to dry our clothes. DSCF3199How has God blessed you today?





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