Fun Fact Friday: ECHO

Here are some facts from ECHO about hunger and food production.

~ The average small-scale farmer only produces half of the food needed for his/her family.    IMG_20140114_134126

~ There are close to one billion people living in hunger (or under nourished) in the world today.

~ A child dies from hunger-related causes every 12 seconds.

~ 75% of the world’s food is generated from only 12 plants and 5 animal species.

IMG_20140114_102400~ More than 90% of crop varieties have disappeared from farmer’s fields.

~ Worldwide, over 25 million acres of farmable land become desert every year.

~ In South America, Asia and Africa farms are losing soil at 2x the rate that is sustainable for crop production.

~ After wind and water erosion, the remaining soil typically has only 1/3 the nutrients of the eroded topsoil.


IMG_20140116_172120IMG_20140114_172505IMG_20140117_131619It was a wonderful week and would love to share with anyone interested about the details.

I learned tons!!!

IMG_20140117_130918IMG_20140117_130844IMG_20140115_095152Just a few of the plants and animals at ECHO.

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