TIMO Tuesday

Jeremy and I are growing with excitement at this opportunity to GO, LIVE, LEARN and LOVE.

God is preparing us to be a part of a TIMO Team to Tsumkwe, Namibia among the San people.

We hope to share twice a month over the next year each of the 12 core values of any TIMO Team and the 8 attitudes we should pack.

Maybe you will understand a little of why God has called us to GO.

And God may call each of you to be a part in some way too.

What is TIMO?

TIMO, or Training In Ministry Outreach is a two year program designed to train future missionaries in the area of cross cultural ministry while actually working with an unreached people group. The ultimate goal is to actually plant and establish a working and ministering church.

A TIMO team consists of a group of 6 to 10 new missionaries led by a veteran missionary or missionary couple for the purpose of LEARNING and DOING missionary outreach. The teams live among an unreached or partially unreached people group, learning their language and culture and allowing God to provide ways of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with them. Each team is unique in how they approach their outreach, but all hold to 12 Core Values that define the TIMO program.

The training takes place in the context of ministry and the study curriculum is written and designed to work through a logical progression for church planting. Yes, there is HOMEWORK!  TIMO has required reading and there will be papers to write, all an integral part of building a solid foundation for a lifetime of ministry.

Since the program is “live” and many of the tribal group’s nuances are unknown, pitfalls are experienced during the two year study. But the strength of TIMO is that together, leaders and members, approach these pitfalls from a team perspective, pooling their combined knowledge and backgrounds, and through the various theories presented in their classes, to zero in and discover how the core of the problem can be brought to a successful conclusion.

Established in the mid 1980’s, Africa Inland Mission began the TIMO program out of a desire to see more and more unreached peoples come to faith in Jesus Christ and to provide a quality hands-on training program for new missionaries. TIMO has already graduated about 20 two year teams and more are in progress.

The organizers of TIMO are constantly breaking new ground  where teams can be placed and churches established.

TIMO wants team members to fall in love with PEOPLE. Yes, the team will move into the midst of a people group very different from themselves, will eat weird stuff, will struggle through basic conversations, and will play with their kids. And after a while, they won’t be a people group any more. They will be names, faces, and stories. The team will know them and love them. And more than ever before, the desire to reach them for Jesus; to call them brothers and sisters in Christ.

– from http://www.timo-aim.com


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