Fun Fact Friday

Every Friday we will post a fun fact about Namibia the country we are going to serve in. Join us on our journey as we learn more about Namibia. If you have a question about Namibia, let us know. We will look it up and post it as our next fact!

We will be living near the village of Tsumkwe.  I found these directions on how to get to the local Lodge and couldn’t help but laugh at the remoteness of where we are going!  Tsumkwe Lodge is located in  Tsumkwe, in the north east of Namibia. To get to Tsumkwe, drive northwards from Grootfontein on the B8. After 55 km, you will find the turn-off to Tsumkwe, the C44. This is a gravel road in good condition and you will enter Tsumkwe after about 225 km and 3 hours.


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