All God’s Children

I think it amazed me this trip to Rwanda how similar we truly are as God’s children.

I had several conversations with some wonderful people.

DSCF0531One was with a lady waiting in line at the medical clinic. Through an interpreter, she expressed her concern about not being able to get in to see the doctor because she had such a high number. I reassured her we would stay until she and her children were seen. She needed to trust. Through our conversation, she thought Americans didn’t get sick.  I told her Americans got sick all the time and have to go to the doctor too. I myself had been a very sickly child. Earlier in the day, I had gotten something stuck in my throat, so I even had a runny nose and watery eyes. She told me to trust God to heal me. We connected and we both needed to trust God to heal. I saw her the next day. She had gotten into see the doctor and my throat was better. We were able to share smiles and hugs.

DSCF0536Another was with a man who spoke very good English. We talked for more than an hour on many different topics. He wanted to come to the US to study agriculture. He wanted me to help him get into the country which I could not do. He expressed his dreams for the future. I was just reminded we all have dreams and sometimes we just need a little help. Even if I couldn’t help him get into the US, I hope he was encouraged to follow his dreams.

DSCF1616Another was with a young man who spoke English and wanted to be a businessman. I know someday he will be very successful. I believe in him.

I enjoyed taking the time to listen to each of them.

I am reading a book titled Cross-cultural Connections by Duane Elmer. The last couple chapters have been about cultural shock. Many times we view our way as right and their way as wrong. We need to view things as just different, not wrong. How are we to connect with people that are different? One of the ways is to find some ways we are similar and build from there. I enjoy listening to people’s stories and through sharing together you can find that common ground. We are all children of God and we all have the same basic needs. Even the most basic needs, need to be heard.

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