The third grader next door…

We have lived for 4.5 years on a street in Elizabethton, TN that has mostly widows and widowers.  Three years ago God allowed me to go on a mission trip to Cyegera, Rwanda.  There is a whole community with many needs and many orphans.  Our church helps to support an orphan home there with 20 beautiful children. They call it home and they are now family.  Two years ago Jeremy was able to make a similar trip to Rwanda.  God has brought widows and orphans into our life over the past years.  We have embraced the call of Isaiah 1:17 which says, “Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.”

Now, God has added the oppressed. The San people of Namibia are the poorest and most marginalized people in the country. They are oppressed. Their hunting and gathering land have been taken away. They are being forced by the government to settle in small villages and abandon their traditional way of life that has worked for centuries.  They live at the very bottom of the social scale.  They are in bondage of sin, addictions, depraved self-worth and apathy in the community.  

Jeremy and I are humbled that God wants us to share the hope of Jesus with His people. We pray that by the work of the Holy Spirit the San will come to know the true character of God, develop a personal relationship with Christ and learn of their great value in Him.

Jeremy and I have a year and a half before we are able to go to Namibia and share the hope of Jesus with them.  It seems like a long time but it will be here before we know.  God has things to teach us to prepare us to go through books, Bible lectures, and everyday things like the third grader next door.claudia planting

This past spring the little girl next door lost her mother to an illness.  Her grandfather now has custody of her because her father is in and out of jail.  Whenever I am outside, she finds her way over to our yard.  One of the things I learned at AIM in April was you will always have visitors.  This third grader is one of my visitors here.  She is preparing me to stop what I am doing to share life with her.  God amazes me on what He can use in our lives to teach us.

What is God using in your life today?

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