Where we are going

The Ju|’hoansi of the Nyae Nyae

History:  Simple put. They have been here since the beginning of time.  They are the oldest inhabitants of Southern Africa.  They are a peaceful people and during colonization were almost eradicated.  Since then they have struggled to remain hunter’s and gather’s.  But today pockets still remain mostly in the harsh Kalahari desert of Namibia and Botswana and South Africa.

Culture: The Ju|’hoansi are traditional hunter/gather’s.  They have such a rich culture due their history.  They live in loosely connected family groups in villages around the Nyae Nyae with some families living in the very small town of Tsumkwe.  They are struggling to preserve their culture and “old ways” as modernism floods Africa.

Religion: As of 2018 they are considered an unreached people group.  That means less than 2% profess to know Christ.  They have no formal religious structure but are very in tune with nature.

Language:  Koisan is the family group in which the Ju|’hoansi dialect comes from.  This video is our attempt to educate you about a few greetings and demonstrate the click sounds to you.