Elephant round 2

Here we wake up and open the door and pray. God give us the knowledge we need today and the flexibility to see needs. This morning that prayer was needed. We were suppose to start with language at 9. Our language helper called and she was waiting for some medicine at the clinic. So I went to go get her and saw Daqm. An elephant had to be killed last night just outside our town as it was refusing to leave. Here elephants kill people as they are truly wild. We are at the end of the dry season and so elephants are searching everywhere for water.

So the day’s plan changed. I spoke to our language helper and while she waited in line, Daqm and I grabbed my knife and a bag and went to go get some meat for him. Everyone was there cutting up the elephant. Anastasia went with me. It was stinky she said. We hung out for a half an hour and just watched then as we were leaving, people who live near Daqm wanted a lift with their meat back to the other side of town. (about 3km) So we loaded up a bunch of heavy bloody meat and people in my truck. This was definitely unplanned. Photo below is the aftermath.

As we were unloading one of the guys said wait and got his knife out and gave me a ziplock bag size of meat. It was a way to say thanks for the lift. We picked up our language helper, I got one of the boys to clean the truck while I did language. So tonight we eat fresh elephant, with mashed potatoes and canned fruit. This time we asked how to cook it. (4 years ago we didn’t know how to cook it). Slow over the fire our friends said so that is what we did and it was better.


4 thoughts on “Elephant round 2

  1. Hey Jeremy and Claudia,

    I remember those days many years ago in CAR when we were served Elephant Meat. It had been dried so it was far from being as fresh as what you had in the pot. Haha! Did you eat it along with rice? The day you shared about seems some much like everyday when we lived in Africa. We are still praying for your visas!

    We love you guys!

    Serving our Savior,
    Sam & Bonnie
    Sam Thomas | Mission Mobilizer
    Africa Inland Mission | Southeastern Region
    Cell 941.840.4261|

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  2. Hm, I’ve not tried elephant meat. How would you describe the taste and texture? From the photo, it could be beef, but I’m wondering how it differs.


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