Sunset and Sunrise

As we begin another day of agricultural training here in Lesotho.  I wanted to take a minute and share God’s creation with you.  I shot this video of the sunrise and sunset here to share with our Home church and felt like I needed to share it with everyone this morning.  So here or below is that video!


4 thoughts on “Sunset and Sunrise

  1. Wow great job Jeremy. You have totally mastered time laps. I remember the first one of the snow in Elizabethton 🙂 You are living in a remarkable place. God Bless you and Claudia
    We miss you !


  2. Thanks guys!
    Love you and miss you and think of you often. Isn’t it interesting how round-about God’s plans can come to fruition? And, this is only the African leg. I am still really excited for you and this new forward-momentum in your life and ministry!


  3. Beautiful video ! It was so good to see you both and hear your report. Something really cool…..the Operation World Prayer Guide post for August 12th was Lethoso!!! It was good to have the added information as we pray for you!!
    Cindy Smith (DLBC)


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